Our Service

Environmental planningLand development, overall integrated park planning, hillside development, environmental impact assessment and landscape design

Environmental planning has been our earliest service provided since the overall planning of Qingshangzhen in Dingcheng, Xindian, 1986, and successively we have done many overall community development and planning for many domestic and foreign developers and construction companies, accumulating much experience in hillside/slope treatment and community planning.
Our unchanging goal is to use the restless adjustments during the work planning to improve environment quality, teaming up with the professionals from construction, urban planning, geotechnical engineering and civil engineering, to make the ideal layout and design for the development of community, in creating the best possible living environment.

Urban developmentUrban planning, urban design, urban renewal

Improving the urban environment quality has always been our relentless goal to achieve, however, during the process of environment’s evolution, the communication, interaction and decision-making relationship between government, planning department and civilians is related directly to the building of the city thus having official and private entities to collaborate in completing the promotion of urban construction, its result will be much greater than the sole execution by the government alone.

Engineering designRecreational area planning, civil engineering design, engineering management, engineering supervision

In view of the complete needs of environmental design and to implement the planning concept and substantive space, it is a necessary part of continuing environmental design for recreation, landscape planning and engineering design.
From the spatial planning, landscape design and construction of miscellaneous projects in the recreation area, we are all in the direction of promoting the implementation of environmental planning.

Creative marketingCreative marketing industry counseling, community building, cultural and creative marketing, tourism promotion

The creative marketing department was committed to the business department's image business district counseling for the Business Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in earlier days, the local specialty industry counseling of the SMEs Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and accumulated diverse industry counseling experience. We were great at making cohesiveness of local consensus and shaping of industries with characteristics. In recent years, we have been transformed to focus on talent migration to the East plan, low-carbon tourism planning, designing local creative projects, digital blocks and innovative neighborhoods, and a variety of services and innovative concepts, so that we can make creative marketing department take the wave trends.